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Pumps and Pistols

The US has just elected its very first black female president, and since taking office, she has made it to the hitlist of every racist faction within the nation. Enter the P&P Agency: Boasting a lineup of undercover agents who undergo meticulous training under the watchful eye of experienced instructors. The agency offers services ranging from extraction to high-profile protection, promising absolute discretion in the process. What will happen when the agency takes on its biggest client yet?

About The Author

Meet Reine Jenique

The writer behind the extraordinary and daring tale of Audalina

While writing about Audalina, the author, Reine Jenique, wanted to highlight the plight of the working women, especially those who devoted their lives to protecting the civilians, often faced with the tough decision to choose between love and duty. Making Denise a black woman who had become a president and faced backlash was a deliberate move on Jenique's part. This was her way of showing just another facet of the rebellions and backlash women in positions of power face, particularly women of color.

On the other end, Jenique made sure to slot in characters with well-rounded lives, like Mary-Lou, and characters who had been dealt a cruel hand by fate and made a life for themselves, like Hapi and Audalina. Jenique hopes presenting women from all walks of life would give all women the motivation they need to take on life fearlessly.

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P&P Agency Rule#01

Every Bullet Counts…

At P&P Agency, only the best of the best survive, despite the several extensive training regimes that undercover agents must go through to pass. Aside from the physical regiment, the agency also offers its agents theoretical courses such as Strategic Intelligence and Information Technology, to name a few, to help them train and develop in areas of critical thinking. Once the agent passes the rigorous training from the agency's academy, they are recruited to help the agency protect its clientele in any and all ways necessary.

Moreover, the agency has its own code of conduct and a rulebook every agent has to vow to abide by when the agency takes them on. Although the entirety of these two directories is expected to be followed quite strictly and religiously, there is one rule every agent knows never to break—every bullet counts.

The Message Hidden

Within the Gripping Story.

The underlying message behind Pumps and Pistols is that we are all guilty of one thing; letting life get in the way of forming new and meaningful relationships with people while making time for the ones that exist in our lives at present. According to the book, we don't realize that nothing lasts forever. Readers are reminded of the fundamental fact that people either get tired of waiting and move on, or their time runs out, and all they can do is reminisce and regret.

And while the urge to turn back the clock and right our wrongs is potent, it's just too late by then. Thus, no matter how stressful your job is, it's crucial to live your life. Without love and deep relationships, a person is incomplete, and a career is inadequate to meet your emotional needs. It can be futile and harmful to prioritize work in the long run.

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Terrance McLain

The title piqued my interest when I first saw the book. As a fond reader of action thrillers, I hoped to find your typical cool male lead who outmaneuvers the bad guys and has a lady love by his side to join in on the action. I totally did not expect what I read, and I loved every bit of it. The characters, the plotline, the message…it all definitely kept me hooked until the very end.

Michelle Perez

The depth of each character's story, especially of Audalina's and Hapi's, the girls' connection, and all the mystery and action surrounding the characters are all so wonderfully encapsulated within the book. I could not put the book down until I read it to the very end! I really don't want to give out spoilers, but parts of this book were heart-wrenching, while others left me laughing my heart out. A wonderful book!

Tanya Dillingham

What I truly loved about the book, other than the obviously well-written characters and interesting plotline, is the fact that Jenique brought a very important issue to focus on, which is the struggle of a woman, especially a black woman, in a position of power. Indeed, should the next president be a woman and black by race, I would not be surprised if she faced the same issues Denise Killian does.